Our Story

A Sweet Story

Our Story

A Sweet Story

Michelle Canton along with her husband Anthony comprise the beautiful couple and masterminds behind Gou-Oui Cookies. Michelle was a flight attendant prior to creating Gou-oui, and one of her favorite things about being able to travel the world was seeking out, discovering and tasting the vast variety of delicious treats along her journey. Anthony would often travel with her and one thing they always seemed to be searching for was the perfect dessert to end-cap their adventurous meals or as a special treat in a unique location. Occasionally they would find something to fulfill their sweet tooth but more often than not they were left lacking. 

When at home Michelle was always baking and creating new desserts from Pintrest and other internet based searched recipes! She usually, if not always, found herself tweaking the recipes or adding a special ingredient, or tasting it the way it was and knowing instantly how she could make it better! She always found herself being the one asked to bring the dessert to social gatherings, but also… to please make it cookies! One Super Bowl Sunday as she was baking another round of her sought after cookies she suddenly realized…all that time she spent traveling and searching, and really even at home, her natural craving along with apparently the majority of her friends and family seemed to gravitate towards cookies. This is what her search through travel seemed to be missing and what she knew she could do well! She could create the exact solution she had been seeking by combining her hobby for baking and creating with her desire to have and share absolutely delicious and unique cookies!

Anthony, as her Chief Taste Tester, knew she was onto something and quickly got on board.  

Gou-Oui started as a passion project right out of Michelle and Anthony’s kitchen in Central Florida. Together they came up with the name Gou-Oui; “Gou”-out of tribute to Anthony’s Haitian roots- means “tasty” in Hatian Kreyol and “oui” in French (another strong derivative of the Hatian culture) means “yes”! Because yes please, who doesn’t want a tasty cookie!? And so Gou-Oui was born! 

Along their path to opening Gou-Oui Michelle and Anthony welcomed their first son to their perfect partnership.  They now officially have the best judge of all things sweet to help guide their newest cookie creations…a toddler! Starting a family is also what led them back “home” to Orlando, Florida, the town where they first met and fell in love to open this special family operated business in the absolute best spot! Gou-Oui is and always will be a special love note in the form of a cookie from a family overflowing with love, gratitude, and passion to the world that they adore exploring! 

The SODO District has been the most welcoming and absolute perfect location for Gou-Oui to begin, and Michelle and Anthony are so excited to share their BIG Tasty Cookies with you, so please come by, say hi and remember…”Life is short! Eat the Cookie!”.

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